Does Facebook Wanna Kill Yelp?

Is Facebook Going After Yelp?
I mean the real one

Very interesting column from Adam over at Motley Fool – you know the stock market guys – about how Facebook’s real focus for future revenue ain’t in crappy Facebook promoted posts and ads that get less than a 3% click-thru rate.

Its in good, old search. (D’ya know Facebook gets 1.5 billion searches a day in their search bar? I sure has hell didn’t.)

And the #1 target for Facebook might just be that bastion of passionate – if irrational – reviews…Yelp!

From Motley Fool:

To give you an idea of how Facebook could overtake Yelp, consider these facts: Facebook has more than 50 million small and medium-sized businesses on its platform actively maintaining Pages. The company added 10 million new SMBs since April. Yelp has just 2.5 million claimed local businesses, adding just 600,000 over the last year.

Punk Rock Marketing Takeway: Don’t feel bad for Yelp yet. They still had $500 million in ad revenue this year. But things under the online review collar are definitely getting hotter. (And a helluva lot more competitive.)

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