Marketing Mini-Tip of the Day: Play Hard to Get

The best rolled tacos in the world can be found less than 250 feet from my house. (There is no debate, Adalbertos #3 in La Mesa is the indisputed rolled-taco champion.)

I was in there one Sunday morning, and saw a line out the door.

Crap, I forgot. Sunday was Menudo day. When all the Mexican-American families come out for this traditional dish that most Americans would avoid like the plague.

So I asked the manager why she didn’t sell Menudo on other days, you know, so they could make more moolah.

“We tried that. Tried selling it on Saturdays and Sundays.”

See, the fact that people COULD get it either day killed the fact that for many family units Sunday is Menudo Day.

Like the McRib or Peppermint Lattes, the more exclusive and rarified you can make your best (and even not so best) stuff…the more people will want it.

So look at your own biz? What product or service can you make even harder to get? (Then charge more for it.)

Just make sure it’s not rolled tacos. Don’t think I can handle that.


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