The Recession is Over…Or At Least My Office Building Gym Thinks So

Everyone is looking for indicators that the economy is improving and the recession–or the great recession or the very nearly recession/depression of 2007– is over.

That we’re going to be okay.

That we won’t soon devolve into a post-Apocalyptic Road Warrior world where water and cell phone chargers become standard currency.

I’ve got one for ya that things are looking up. I don’t have to bring my own towels to work anymore.

The Price of Laundry and How it Affects the Recession

See my small office building shares a workout gym with four other builidings–gym being generous; it’s really nothing more than free weights and an elliptical machine.

And unlike beer and Star Wars DVD’s, complimentary towels are not recession-proof.

See, when the economy tanked in 2007, the number of full-time long-term employees in my business park mecca of San Diego tanked as well.

And what replaced them were young, part-time temps straight out of Manpower University. And not to perpetuate a stereotype but…well…temps, like honey badgers, don’t give a shit.

They use the gym and steal the towels. (God knows for what, the towels are the size of a small scarf.) And suddenly property management found themselves having to replace the towels at an increase of 250%.

So…they eliminated complimentary towels. And I started bringing in my ugly Sea World beach towels from ten years ago.

But all that changed last week.

Suddenly we have towels again. (Apparently management has estimated that part-time temps make up just 11% of our complex’s workforce. (Down from 37% six months ago.)

So, I can’t tell you everything is going to be okay. But, for now, as long as my ratty old “Shipwreck Rapids” Sea World towel stays in the garage, things look promising.

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